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Welcome to the Xperitas blog archive. Find teacher, student and family perspectives on language and cultural immersion travel. You can also find useful tips for traveling abroad and past Xperitas news and events. Inspired to tell your story? We would love to hear how language immersion travel has transformed your life. Travel joyfully!

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Edda's Experience

Xperitas Ambassador Edda P. shares her Spanish immersion experience and plans to incorporate her language skills into her goals for the future.

One Global Community

A message from Xperitas about the success of the transition to Xperitas and how we are truly better together.

Christmas in France with My Host Family

This was to be my first Christmas away from home, and I was nervous. I was four-months into my first year in France, and though I was beginning to feel at home with my host family, I wasn’t sure I was ready to face their extended family yet. I discovered that this was an opportunity to learn and participate in new traditions.

How to Write a Blog Post

We want to hear from our participants what the Xperitas experience has meant for you. If you're not sure where to begin, follow the guide below. When you're ready to share your story and photos, send to

2016 Photo Contest

Each year, Xperitas holds a photo contest to provide an opportunity for our participants to share a snapshot of their travel experience. View the winners of the 2016 Xperitas Photo Contest!

As American as Pumpkin Pie

Most Americans in the United States are familiar with the expression “as American as apple pie.” However, it wasn’t until I studied abroad in France (and later lived and worked in France and Belgium) that I realized just how deeply rooted pumpkin pie, and more importantly the Thanksgiving holiday, was in my American upbringing.

Fundraising Ideas for Student Travelers

Participants and their families may need to figure out ways to fundraise money for their immersion program. Over the years, we find that students who engage with their local communities and spread awareness about their program enjoy the most fundraising success. Here are some fundraising tactics that have worked for our groups!

My Second Family

Language immersion program participant, Anna Dolan, reflects on her Family Stay Experience®  with her host family in France.

The Beautiful Views of Ecuador

In June 2015, I went on a trip to Ecuador with my classmates through Xperitas. It was my first experience out of the country, and I had been dying to leave home and experience a new place.

2015 Alumni Scholarship Winner

Emilio Luna is the recipient of the 2015 Xperitas Alumni Scholarship. The following post is the essay Emilio wrote in his scholarship application about how the travel experience inspired him. It has been edited for length.

My French Family

Reflections of Hanna, a participant in our French language immersion program, of her time in France with her host family.

Girl peeking out a window

Share Your Language Immersion Experience

Whether you have traveled recently or long ago, your perspective is valuable to the Xperitas family of language and cultural immersion explorers. We travel for the love of language, but it is the connections we make along the way that stay within our hearts and minds. Send us your story today.