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2017 Language Program Recap

Read what our leaders, parents and participants had to say about us

Hooray! All 2017 language immersion program participants have returned home safely from their trips abroad. As we look forward to 2018 and begin planning next year’s programs, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past year, which was one of our best ever! But don’t take our word for it…

This was one of the best programs we've ever been on.  The students, guides and drivers all had a great time and interacted almost 100% in Spanish. We left with awesome memories and good Tico friends.

Kevin O – Spanish teacher

I was so impressed with everything. The guides, the activities, the family stay, the preparation process - it made everything so easy for me! I was so nervous to travel with students for the first time, but Xperitas eased my nerves through the whole process, and now I'm ready to travel with students through Xperitas again! I would 100% recommend this company to other language teachers.

Brianna N – Spanish teacher

This was my first time traveling with students, and I was 100% satisfied with Xperitas.  They handled the payments, chose the flights, included travel insurance, and arranged buses, hotels, and tours in the country.  That saved me a LOT of work and stress!  Everything they arranged was great.

Nancy S – German teacher

You all offer a unique product and experience in an industry which seems to be more and more homogenized, so keep on pushing the boundaries and finding unique new ways for students to experience culture.

Benjamin G – French teacher

Connor (our son) worked for 5 months to save up the majority of the funds to pay for the trip, as well as all of his spending money. Setting a goal and coming up with a plan to achieve that goal, asking for help, and ultimately making it happen was monumental for a 16-year-old. We have German heritage and sending Connor as an ambassador was a fitting way to share the culture that shaped part of our family's traditions as well as world history. The trip to Dachau added dynamic levels of appreciation and reflection to the experience, as did the living history embedded in the streets of Munich and everywhere else they visited. This was a hugely impactful trip in countless ways and one definitely worth repeating!

Joyce L – Parent

[Our son] experienced much improvement in his self-confidence with his language skills.  His language is good, but before this he did not have the opportunity to see that he could function successfully in an environment completely in another language.  He also gained confidence in functioning independently in a foreign city.

Emily A – Parent

My son had some doubts about going and just before leaving, he expressed regret that he had signed up.  But he loved the trip, and is very glad he went.  I think the home stay and close interactions with the French and American exchange students make this a much better way to travel compared with the sort of "see the sights" tours you might do travelling alone or with groups from your home country.

Ann K – Parent

It was good for Emma to see how life is lived in a different part of the world - and not just as a vacationer.  She came home with a new appreciation of what we have here.  It was also good for me to have her travel on her "own" so it prepared me for her to leave the house!

Paula A - Parent

My child is very empathetic, but not always confident. It is nice to see the jump in confidence and self-esteem, and independence as well. He loved the independence, and the relationships he formed with people.

Rachel S - Parent

I was able to speak to my family almost entirely in French, and they helped me work on my pronunciation. By the end of the week, I could notice a significant improvement in speed, response time, sentence complexity, and comprehension. My family was kind, generous, and extremely welcoming. I was able to connect with many French teens as well, so I learned a lot about youth culture and family culture in France.
I felt completely immersed in the culture and language. As a result, I fell in love with France.

Zoe M – Student

The experiences I had there will be with me until the day I die. I will share them with my friends and family for years to come. The things I learned about culture, and just people in general is a life lesson I will never forget. I hope to travel the world more and experience more things like what I experienced in Germany because of this trip. Germany was truly amazing, and I will cherish the memories forever.

Emma A – Student

My favorite part was being able to see a culture so different from my own. I loved getting to experience things I never would have been able to experience at home, and getting to see different parts of the world that I had studied, with the teachers that had taught me about them.

Quinn P - Student

Thank you for the kind words, everyone! And thanks again to all students, parents and teachers who made our 2017 language immersion programs such a whopping success!


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