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Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief

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Xperitas has been sending students on Spanish language immersion programs to Puerto Rico since 2010. On these popular programs, students explored San Juan, snorkeled in Fajardo, hiked through the El Yunque Rainforest, learned about Afro-Caribbean culture, and stayed with local families.

Naturally, we were saddened by the devastation that Hurricanes Irma and Maria wrought upon the island earlier this year. Our partner Sacha Delgado, who owns the ISLA Institute of Language Acquisition, informed us that the aftermath is worse than the hurricanes themselves, and that most things are at a standstill. Sacha organizes Spanish classes and cultural activities at her language school, and coordinates the family stay experience for our students. Unfortunately, due to safety concerns, we made the mutual decision to cancel our Puerto Rican programs that were planned for 2018.

The students from the canceled groups were disappointed, but many were determined to help. Ava and Julia, two students from Richfield High School, are members of a group called ME to WE. Through WE to ME, the girls helped their group set up a fundraiser in Puerto Rico that raised $700 for recovery efforts! Students from Caledonia High School wrote peace and hope cards to send to our partners.

The Xperitas staff also wanted to help. We are participating in the Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief efforts of is La Coalición de Boricuas en Minnesota, a Minnesota-based “coalition” of Puerto Rican leaders, organizers and professionals. This organization was formed immediately after Hurricane Maria in an effort to centralize relief efforts and create community partnerships to help rebuild Puerto Rico. La Coalition are collecting toys, first aid kits, toiletries, canned items, and other essentials.

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