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2017 Spring Language Program Recap

The Reviews Are In!

Our 2017 spring travelers have returned! As your child prepares to depart, read reviews of what these travelers had to say about their family stay experience abroad and the lifelong connections they made.

"The family stay was my favorite part by far. It was just amazing to become a part of family who lives across an ocean. They were very accommodating and made sure I had a good experience. Besides the family stay, I enjoyed using the French language in Paris. Before my trip, I had heard from other people that the people of Paris were rude, but that was not my experience at all. I put a lot of effort into speaking French and it really opened up a more real, authentic experience. Besides a couple minor linguistic misunderstandings, the people I met in Paris were kind and welcoming."
- Elise K.

"My favorite part was being able to see a culture so different from my own. I loved getting to experience things I never would have been able to experience at home, and getting to see different parts of the world that I had studied, with the teachers that had taught me about them."
- Quinn P.

"I loved just experiencing France and the people in it. When my host sister took me through La Rochelle I was floored at how beautiful it was, and how interesting. I loved the free time in Paris. And the history! Overall it was great."
- Anne S.

"The family stay was definitely my favorite, but I also liked visiting the school and the tour guide and seeing the country - that helped set the stage and helped me understand Costa Rica a little more before staying with my family. I have so many friends from going to school with my Costa Rican sister, and I will keep in contact for years to come."
- Katherine E.

"My favorite part was the last night dinner on the Eiffel Tower. The food from Eiffel 58 was sooo good! It was a great way to sum up the whole experience. Then, when we got back down to the ground, the light show on the tower started, so this giant icon of Paris was sparkling before us. It was the most magical way to end the trip."
- Lori B.

"When I was at the family stay house I was able to use my language skills almost the whole time I was there. The last evening was by far my proudest moment using my skills. I had a great conversation with the whole family that explained how I live back home and what my family and I love to do together. I was able to converse easily with all of them."
- William D.

"It got to the point where it was kind of weird to hear English instead of French. The last night I had a conversation with my French father about language in schools and I was just proud to carry on actual conversations with my French family. I also really enjoyed talking to the French students at the school."
- Kaila H.

"My host mom and I went on a tour of the city together. My host mom didn't know English, unlike my host sister and host father. This was a real test of my French, but we were able to communicate and figure out what we needed to say to each other."
- Aria E.

"When I signed up to go on this trip last year, it felt so surreal. It continued to feel surreal until I got off the plane in Munich. The cities were gorgeous, the food was amazing, it was all just so much in such a good way. We got to see a different lifestyle and talk with so many people, and nothing beats that."
- Hannah S.

"The experiences I had there will be with me until the day I die. I will share them with my friends and family for years to come. The things I learned about culture, and just people in general is a life lesson I will never forget. I hope to travel the world more and experience more things like what I experienced in Germany because of this trip. Germany was truly amazing, and I will cherish the memories forever."
- Emma A.


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