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Language Comes Alive Within The Culture

Xperitas provides language immersion programs designed for educators, by educators, providing students with authentic perspectives of world cultures and language use. Watch them flourish as they independently use learned skills to navigate everyday life in the target language in a warm and welcoming environment.

Our celebrated Family Stay Experience® allows students to immerse themselves into the daily life of the culture of the chosen destination. Carefully selected host families understand the value of speaking to students in the target language. Living within the family and community provides students critical insight into a cultural perspective outside of their own. 

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Explore Spanish language and cultural immersion for students from Europe, to Latin America, to Puerto Rico.


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Students speak the romance language of French in France and Switzerland, while absorbing these culturally rich countries.


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Students use the German language to navigate historic Germany, a fusion of old world charm and modernism.


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Unlock the wonders of the ancient world with Xperitas' immersive Latin Programs!

See What People Are Saying


The partners in Costa Rica are fabulous! Everything was well-organized, and kids were always engaged. Our guide, Jimmy, truly is an educator and ambassador of his country. All of the students and leaders really enjoyed his personality, love of his country and knowledge. The Family Stay Experience was also very wonderful!

Jennifer E, Costa Rica Program
Spanish Teacher

It goes without saying that the reason for my program's success and popularity is the Xperitas partnership.

Jane D, French Programs
French Teacher

The focus on language and personalized touch sets this program apart from the rest.

Megan O, Spanish Programs
Spanish Teacher

What I loved from the beginning is that they were as committed to my students' learning as I was.

Linda H, German Programs
German Teacher