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German Language Immersion Programs

For Teachers With Student Groups

In addition to visiting culturally and historically significant landmarks as part of our German language immersion programs, we also provide our celebrated Family Stay Experience®. This allows students to immerse themselves into the daily life of German-speaking family while abroad.

Our carefully selected host families understand the value of speaking to students in German and give students a deeper understanding of its day-to-day usage. Living with a family within a German-speaking community provides students critical insight into perspectives outside of their own. Understanding cultural nuance helps achieve greater fluency and helps students build potentially lifelong relationships abroad.

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We carefully select families who volunteer to share their home, language, and culture with our student travelers. For over 50 years, our participants have increased their language skills and cultural awareness through this unique immersion program.

Automatically included in every program

We don't just talk about how we care about our travelers, we integrate essential protections into every aspect of our programs. Xperitas Rest Assured Advantages are designed to provide teachers, students, and their families with the travel assurances and assistance they need. We strive to keep our pricing as transparent as possible.

We include desirable items that prioritize financial protections, traveler safety and well-being in every program.

Financial Protections
  • Medical coverage for accidents and illness while on the program, up to $50,000
  • Trip cancellation coverage due to medical reasons only
  • NEW! Trip cancellation & delay insurance (additional coverages up to $2000 for issues related to COVID-19 and more!)
  • Emergency medical evacuation per doctor orders or natural disaster/political instability involving the program location
  • Liability insurance for group leaders
  • Teacher stipends to minimize teacher’s out-of-pocket costs during program
  • Clear cancellation policies
Health & Safety
  • Adherence to health and safety guidelines from recognized health and government authorities domestically and abroad
  • Participants are registered with STEP, the U.S. State Department's Smart Traveler Enrollment Program
  • Pre-travel resources to prepare students for a safe travel experience
  • Communication with a dedicated Xperitas Program Manager from planning to post-program
  • In-country support with trusted local partners and Family Stay Coordinators
  • 24-7 emergency support from Xperitas
Financial Aid & Scholarships for Participants
  • Meaningful financial aid programs covering up to 60% of program costs for eligible participants*
  • Early Bird discount
  • Sibling discount
  • Returning participant discount
  • Merit-based Scholarships (up to four awarded annually)
  • Alumni Scholarship (awarded annually)
  • Fundraising program
  • Fundraising ideas

*Over the past decade, Xperitas has awarded over one million dollars to expand language and cultural immersion opportunities. Learn more about how Xperitas helps our student travelers!

Additional benefits for traveling teachers

In addition to our generous traveler benefits, teachers traveling with high school or middle school groups receive additional benefits: 

  • Liability insurance for group leaders
  • Teacher stipends to minimize teacher’s out-of-pocket costs during program
  • Pre-travel resources to prepare students for a safe travel experience
Teacher-friendly Perks

New Teacher Reward | New teachers (those traveling with us for the first time) are offered a Guide on their program at no additional charge. Get the details.

$1,000 Referral Reward | In appreciation of teachers or others who refer colleagues to Xperitas, we offer a $1,000 Referral Reward! Get the details.

Global Leaders Conference | All traveling leaders who meet minimum group size requirements are able to attend free of charge! Get the details.

Professional Development for Teachers | Obtain graduate level professional development units/credits! Get the details.

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What People Are Saying


I hope we can get back to filling our lives and our student’s lives with beautiful meaningful immersive experiences again soon! Yes, culture shock is such a great thing.

Beth L, Germany Program
German Teacher

I think it was a confidence booster and the experience was so awesome for her and I know we will be lifelong friends with her host family. She already misses Germany and wants to look into studying abroad there or somewhere else and I know doing this program helped her make that decision. She is really looking forward to her senior year taking another year of German and possibly learning another language in college.

Julie B, Germany Program
German Parent

I was very impressed overall with our experience with Xperitas. Everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable and the website and other resources were excellent!

Todd S, Germany Program
German Parent

The first day, I immediately went up in a restaurant and ordered my food in full German. That confidence and encouragement from the restaurant staff set me up to feel confident in my skills and I was extremely proud of myself! Be open to new experiences. It’s a whole new culture and way of life, so if you seclude yourself from really cool opportunities, you won’t get as much out of everything!

Caroline, Germany Program
German Student