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Xperitas language immersion programs open minds, connect people and transform lives. Sharing those stories is important too! It is a powerful way to inspire others to travel outside of their comfort zone. Your perspective is valued by those who have not yet made a journey or used the language they have learned in an authentic setting. They want to know what you experienced in another country and how you felt being a “temporary local” within another culture.  

Have you traveled with us? Share your Xperitas immersion story.

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The Global Citizens Blog features stories from Student Alumni, Teachers, Group Leaders, Parents and staff -- all of the diverse voices that make up our interconnected global experience. Additional content includes recipes, photos, short videos and more! 

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The Power of Immersion Travel

Recently, we profiled Xperitas Board member and retired French Teacher, Jane Ditewig. Jane was and is a much beloved teacher at R.A. Long High School in Longview Washington. This summer Jane heard from Brad Carnine, one of her students from more than 20 years ago. He said we could share his letter with you. We hope every teacher who reads this letter is reminded of what an important job you do and how you all are changing the lives of your students.

Connecting People & Culture

Board Member, Jan Ditewig, grew up in a small town in Washington and was always drawn to languages. When the family across the street hosted a French exchange student, she seemed exotic and fascinating to Jane. Read about her language immersion experiences and journey to becoming a language teacher.

"Why We Travel" with Students

The recent Xperitas special event with Rick Steves "Why We Travel," inspired participant educators to reflect on why they travel with students.

A Student's Perspective

In 8th grade middle school, I had to pick a language to study, and being half Mexican, my mom wouldn’t let me take Spanish since I already used it in my everyday home life. So, my only other option was French. At that point, I never thought I’d take it with me after high school, but I was very wrong.  Read Mercedes story.

Scholarship Winners

2023 Xperitas Alumni Scholarship Winner

Meet Jayce, the inspiring winner of Xperitas' 2023 Alumni Scholarship! Learn about his transformative journey in Costa Rica, his commitment to becoming a global citizen, and his exciting plans for the future at Luther College. Dive into Jayce's immersive experience and discover the power of language and cultural exchange.

Afghanistan or Wisconsin, Dari or English

Explore the transformative power of cultural immersion through Mary's insightful essay. From her childhood connection with a friend from Afghanistan to navigating her own cultural shifts moving across the country, Mary shares profound insights into the enduring impact of language and cultural exchange.

LIVING Language: Cultural Immersion Cultivates Human Connection

Samantha's winning essay for the Bob & Edie Green Writing Scholarship offers a glimpse into her linguistic odyssey, highlighting the intersection of language and culture.

Open Your Mind and Your World Through Language and Cultural Immersion

Micah S. is a recipient of the Bob & Edie Green Writing Scholarship from Wisconsin, traveling to Spain with Xperitas in the summer.

What's Going On In Our World

2023 Traveler Update

Xperitas publishes its 2023 Covid-19 protocols for travel for leaders, participants and parent review. Protocols ensure the safety of the individual traveler, the student group, host families and other individuals that travelers will come into contact with while abroad.  In addition, the protocol is in place so that the group completes the itinerary as designed without interruption, delay or cancellation.

Much More Than a “Trip”

At Xperitas, we aren’t in the business of sending students on “trips”.  Our mission is to transform lives through shared global experience and intercultural learning.   What does it take for travel abroad to be transformational?  It needs to be an experience that pushes students beyond their comfort zone, challenges them to confront their assumptions about the world and allows them to see themselves and others from a different perspective.

Celebrating Fifty Years of Immersion Travel

On May 31,1972, language teachers Jim Phelan and Bob and Edeltraud Green formed the nonprofit corporation that today, 50 years later, is known as Xperitas. This organization has faced many situations that have interrupted international travel over the past five decades.

2019 Summer Language Programs Recap

That’s a wrap, folks! In 2019 French, German, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese language students traveled abroad with Xperitas to nine different countries to enjoy an intercultural immersion experience!

Ideas & Inspiration

Holiday Recipes and Traditions

As we reflect upon a new year year of delivering our transformative language and cultural immersion programs, we'd like to share some of our staff's favorite holiday pastimes and food recipes with our Xperitas community. We hope you read, enjoy and share!

Grounds For Change

See how to promote your Grounds for Change fundraiser using video to share a little bit of German coffee culture with friends and family.

TAPAS España

Emily, Xperitas Program Manager for Spain and Puerto Rico, shares one of her favorite Spanish breakfast treats.

Cookies for a Cause

Leo was a seventh-grader at Minnetonka Middle School East when he attended an informational meeting about his school’s upcoming Xperitas language immersion program to Spain. Leo away walked from the meeting inspired and determined to participate the following year. Read his story and how he successfully raised funds for his program abroad.

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Share Your Language Immersion Story

It's easy to share! We love to see your pictures and videos and hear how your language immersion experience has impacted your life. Whether you have traveled recently or long ago, your perspective is valuable to the Xperitas family of language and cultural immersion explorers. We travel for the love of language, but it is the connections we make along the way that stay within our hearts and minds.