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2018 Spring Travel Recap: Students

Ratings and Reviews from our Spring 2018 Travelers

Hooray! We are happy to report that every single one of our participants and groups made it home safely from their international destinations. This spring travel season (March through May), French, Spanish and German language students traveled abroad to seven different countries on an Xperitas language immersion program. We’d like to thank all of the students and parents for entrusting us with their programs' coordination, as well as the language teachers who accompanied these students and made their programs possible.

Upon their return, we gave the students a few days to reflect upon their experiences before sending them a post-program feedback survey. We use these results to improve our programming for future travelers, but we also like to share the results with the larger Xperitas community. So, what did language students think of their spring 2018 Xperitas immersion program?  

Spring 2018 Student Traveler Recap, by the Numbers:
  • Travelers who responded to our post-program survey rated their program an average of 8.77 out of 10.
  • 94.08% of travelers reported improved leadership abilities as a result of their program.
  • 94.67% of travelers reported an increase in self-confidence as a result of their program.
  • 92.31% of travelers reported improved self-esteem as a result of their program.
  • 96.43% of travelers reported that their empathy skills grew as a result of their program.
  • 100% of our travelers reported improvements in their global competency skills.
Comments from our Spring 2018 Travelers

We'd also like to quickly share what some of our participants had to say about their language immersion program and their home stay experiences. 

Immersing myself in the language really helped my understanding of the language. It has greatly improved my understanding of the language as a whole and I feel as though this trip has definitely made me want to go back and really has encouraged me to continue in the language.

- McKenzie S., Lincoln High School, France

Overall, the entire trip was such an amazing experience! I met so many new people from the group that I traveled with and made so many new friendships. I think that just getting to experience the culture was so eye-opening. All of the sites we went to were beyond beautiful, too. This trip was truly one to remember and I am so lucky to have been given his once in a lifetime opportunity.

- Nicole F., Totino-Grace, - France

The family dinners, we would make jokes and eat good food. When my host family gave a book about french historical monuments, sweetest most considerate gift I've ever received.

 - Samuel P., Lincoln Public Schools, France

The Spanish mom I had was extremely nice, and offered a lot of really good food. She also brought me to the beach, and it was really nice when we talked, and it helped me get better at Spanish. My sister was also really nice, and it was fun when we played Yahtzee and watched a horror movie that she described as, "es como comedía, pero no es." (I'll admit, it was a little funny.) I also like getting to try this ice cream that my sister loved. And meeting my sister's friends was really fun too. 

- Taylor O., Foley High School, Spain

The family dinners were the best. The conversation was great and open. We shared many laughs and ate amazing food my host mom cooked. (And soup my host dad cooked) They treated me like one of their children and I am not sure but because of those dinners I could've stayed forever.  

- Khaliah B., Mccluer High School, France

They were very kind and thoughtful. They took me in as their own son and helped me adjust to the culture. They helped me do something I have always wanted to do, go to a baseball game in another country. Overall they were some of the kindest people I have ever met.

Samuel V., Richfield High School, Mexico

My family stay was amazing. My host sister and I got along wonderfully, and I love her so much I didn't want to leave. My entire host family was very accommodating and tried very hard to get me to understand what they were saying as well and understanding what I was saying. They incorporated me in their lives and I had an amazing time.  

- Christina L., RA Long High School, France

I had all positive experiences. I enjoyed my time with my host family. I got to buy gifts for my family, I got to take many memorable pictures of my travel. I also got to take my friends places with me at times when I was with my host mother's daughter. The daughter understood that I knew only level two Spanish and she along with her friends taught me new words that I will never forget. I also loved that we shared similar music taste, and I took back with me some new Spanish songs that she shared with me. I enjoyed the class sites that we visited, like the beach, ocean, and museums. And there were no problems regarding flights, luggage, timing, or hotel stays. 

- Leanmaria W., Richfield High School, Mexico

This trip was explained to me in the fall of 2016. My French teacher was hopeless for students to take this amazing opportunity. I was uncertain about whether or not I wanted to go. I finally made the decision to go the summer of 2017 and I truly believe that it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. This trip brought so much insight, culture, and unforgettable experiences upon me. When I got back, so many people asked me how the trip was and I was honestly speechless. There is no way that I could put this trip into a few words. I wrote every day about the many adventures and expeditions that we took and as one day ended, I knew that I got to get up and do the same thing all over again. This trip was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am beyond grateful that I was given the chance to go on it. I thank the people that made this trip happen, the chaperones and students that went on this trip with me, and my family for helping me raise the money I needed to go to France. Without these people, this trip would not have been the ten that I ranked it as.

- Rebeka P., RA Long High School

Thank you to all of the students who provided us feedback after their programs. We will use our post-program surveys to improve and perfect our immersion programming for future travelers, as we continue to work toward our mission of transforming lives through shared global experience and intercultural learning. Here's to an equally successful Summer 2018 travel season!

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