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Extension of My Classroom

Why I Choose to Travel with Xperitas

My first trip with Xperitas (then known as ISE) was after I had only three years of teaching behind me and nine years since my last visit to Germany. I was absolutely petrified to undertake my first trip with students. But from my first interactions with the people of the organization, I felt that they shared my mission: to make my maiden journey with students a memorable and educational one. What I loved from the beginning is that they were as committed to my students' learning as I was. It was as if they were simply an extension of my classroom: they provided the tools, techniques and logistical support and in so doing empowered me to take the lead as an educator and be confident in my journey with my students.

Over 20 years and 17 trips later, I can't imagine traveling with anyone else.

Amid hundreds of students and countless travel memories, Xperitas has been there through it all -- and I come away from each of my adventures having learned something new and having been rejuvenated by seeing Germany through my students' eyes.

Linda Havas is a German and Spanish instructor at Greendale High School in Greendale, Wisconsin.


Let us assist in planning your next immersion experience and help make it accessible to all of your students! We have many destination options for Language Immersion programs worldwide. Necessary traveler protections for teachers and students are already integrated into our programs too!   Contact us today

Our Goal

At Xperitas, we work with teachers to provide their students with outstanding language and cultural immersion experiences. As a non-profit we are mission driven. We believe that when students have an authentic experience outside of the classroom, using their language skills in a different culture, they make a deeper cultural connection. Our programs are designed to inspire students to make personal connections with communities worldwide and gain greater cultural competency. The benefits of student language immersion travel abroad reported to us by teachers, parents and the students themselves are as follows: 

  • A better understanding of language and the nuance of dialect 
  • An understanding of language within the context of the culture 
  • A greater awareness of different perspectives  
  • A sense of increased independence, self-sufficiency, and cultural competence