Machu Picchu

Spanish Language Immersion in Peru

For Teachers with Student Groups

Take world language practice beyond the classroom with Peru for Spanish language immersion travel! Looming mountains paint an impressive background for picturesque Andean villages. Deserts, beaches and rainforests offer landscapes as rich in diversity as in beauty. Visitors will marvel at the grandiosity and mystery of the Lost City of the Inca. Smiles are as abundant as ancient Incan ruins in Peru—La Tierra de Los Inca. Did you know that the potato is originally from Peru? The country produces over 3000 types of papas! Taste all that Peru has to offer! Our short-term language immersion programs to Peru offer teachers and student groups the opportunity to soak in the local culture! Students immerse themselves in Peruvian daily life through our signature Family Stay Experience®. They can put their Spanish to the test when they ask their familia peruana to explain the traditions of the famous Inti Raymi celebration.

Girls holding lambs in Peru

Suggested Itinerary

Aventuras Andinas
13-Day Program
  • Danzas folklóricas
  • Saqsayhuamán
  • Tambomachay
  • Quenko
  • Pucapucara
  • Sacred Valley
  • Salinas de Mara salt flats
  • Moray Terraces
  • Textile workshop visit
  • Machu Picchu
  • Convent of San Francisco and Catacombs of Lima
  • Tips for guide(s) and/or bus driver(s)

Don't see the perfect language immersion itinerary for your students? We can customize any program to your specifications!

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Included in Every Program

We include desirable items that prioritize financial protections, traveler safety and well-being in every program. All Xperitas language immersion travel programs for high school and middle school students include our Rest Assured Advantages.

What People Are Saying


The partners in Costa Rica are fabulous! Everything was well-organized, and kids were always engaged. Our guide, Jimmy, truly is an educator and ambassador of his country. All of the students and leaders really enjoyed his personality, love of his country and knowledge. The Family Stay Experience was also very wonderful!

Jennifer E, Costa Rica Program
Spanish Teacher
Lifelong Value

Know that your child will grow in so many ways from this experience. The program has just the right amount of structure and freedom for the kids to explore in a safe and enjoyable manner. The family stay, while intimidating at first glance, is a unique and amazing opportunity for the kids to really experience the culture that they are being immersed in.

Karen J, Spain Program
Spanish Parent

It was just an absolutely amazing, life-changing, experience.

Josephine, Ecuador Program
Spanish Student
Take Risks

My advice to future participants traveling on this program is to fully step outside of your comfort zone in order to get the most out of this opportunity. You will never regret speaking more of your target language, trying new dishes native to your country, making new friends, or partaking in amazing activities that you normally wouldn't!

Student, Costa Rica Program
Spanish Student