COVID-19 Protocols for 2024 Travelers

Ensuring the safety of participants abroad

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For 2024 travel, Xperitas has Covid-19 protocols in place, which we would ask that you review carefully. 

Xperitas COVID Protocol

COVID Information for 2024 Travelers

2024 Xperitas participants do not need Covid-19 vaccination(s) to travel. We recommend all travelers be up to date on routine vaccinations and any additional vaccinations as determined by a travel doctor depending on the destination of travel and each individual’s health circumstance. All travelers must follow the health and safety-related entry requirements for the countries they will visit. Each individual traveler is responsible for meeting these requirements.

Pre-travel Testing Protocol

If a participant tests positive for Covid-19 five days or less before travelling to the destination, they should inform Xperitas immediately. Xperitas will work with the participant to determine next steps.

Host Country Guidelines

All participants must follow the masking, social distancing, testing, and quarantine guidelines established by and in the host country and airlines/transportation carriers during the program. Intentional disregard of any of these guidelines could result in disciplinary action up to (and including) dismissal from the program. For the safety of all participants, we recommend participants use masks during times when social distancing is not possible, including during air travel.

Testing & Result Action Plan
  1. We highly recommend participants bring two Covid-19 rapid antigen tests with them abroad. If at any point a participant experiences any symptoms of Covid-19, the individual must take a rapid test. If the results are negative, the participant can continue as normal with the tour portion of their program. 
  2. Any positive individual must isolate per CDC guidelines, in addition to following any host country or community requirements regarding quarantining. The individual may not be able to participate in the remainder of the program. If the individual is a student, an adult will be present while the student is in quarantine. The individual will be responsible for any expenses incurred that result from isolation.
  3. If a participant tests positive for Covid-19 and other group participants have been exposed, all participants must mask for five days.
  4. If a participant tests positive for Covid-19 five days or less before travelling back to the United States, Xperitas will work with the participant to coordinate their return flight home. If a student is in isolation, a leader will be present. The remainder of the group will travel back to the United States.
  5. For specific protocols in place during the family stay, refer to the Xperitas Family Stay Experience Protocols.


CDC COVID Information for 2024 Travelers

Family Stay Experience ® COVID Protocol

Host Family Symptoms (Pre-travel)

If a member(s) of a host family is experiencing Covid-19 symptoms a week or less before the host student’s arrival, the host family will communicate with the Family Stay Coordinator (FSC) and inform them of the situation, and the FSC will alert Xperitas. The person(s) experiencing symptoms will arrange to be tested for Covid-19. The host family can only host if the test results are negative. If the individual(s) has not been tested and received results, or the test results are positive, the student will be placed with an alternative host family.  

Host Family Symptoms (During Stay)

If a student or host family member(s) is experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 during the family stay: An adult in the host family will contact the FSC and inform them of the situation, and the Family Stay Coordinator (FSC) will alert the group leader and Xperitas. Any symptomatic individual will arrange to be tested for Covid-19. If the results are negative, all individuals can continue as normal with the family stay experience. If the results are positive, the FSC will work with Xperitas to coordinate isolation. If isolation takes place at a hotel, a group leader will be present.

Privately-arranged Family Stay Protocol

If a teacher has privately-arranged their group's family stay, that teacher will determine their group's family stay protocols. We strongly suggest the above protocols be followed. The group leader should inform Xperitas of any positive Covid-19 cases.

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