Support for Language & Cultural Immersion Travel Programs

Xperitas supports all facets of language and cultural immersion travel before, during and after your program. We provide necessary information to teachers, students and their families in order to ensure a successful experience abroad.

We also encourage our travelers to share their stories and stay in touch. It is inspiring to teachers, students and families to see the impact of language immersion travel abroad, even if it is many years later.

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Resources for Teachers

At Xperitas, we care about the teachers that entrust their student group travel to us. We offer a variety of benefits and rewards to our traveling teachers to support and encourage language immersion travel.

Benefits & Rewards

We know how much work dedicated educators put into immersion travel programs and seek to make the process go as smoothly as possible. We provide you with assistance and support every step of the way. Learn more about Benefits & Rewards for teachers who travel with Xperitas.

Global Leaders Conference

Each year, Xperitas group leaders who are participating in a Language Immersion Program are invited to join us in Minnesota for a weekend dedicated to helping them prepare for language immersion travel. We want you to feel as confident as possible in leading students abroad. Learn more about the Global Leaders Conference.

Grants for Schools

Xperitas supports and recognizes the educational goals of World Language departments in schools that travel with Xperitas. We provide additional resources to teachers through classroom grants to enhance language learning in world language classrooms, whether they travel abroad on an immersion trip or not. Learn more about Grants for Schools.

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Safety & Insurance Resources

Health & Safety

Travel abroad is an enriching and exciting opportunity to experience another culture, meet new people and speak another language. While preparing for the cultural aspects of this experience is important, it’s also essential for travelers to prepare themselves, health-wise, to spend time in another country. Learn more about our Health & Safety recommendations.

Medical Insurance

In the event that a participant falls ill or has an accident while traveling, the group leader(s) will ensure the traveler receives medical attention immediately. Limited insurance for minor illness or accidents and trip cancellation insurance is provided for all Xperitas participants. Learn more about coverage details.

COVID-19 Protocols

For 2023 travel, Xperitas has COVID-19 Protocols in place, which we would ask that you review carefully. Within these protocols is a Covid-19 vaccine requirement for participants to ensure the safety of the individual traveler, the student group, host families and other individuals that travelers will come into contact with while abroad. In addition, this requirement is in place so that the group completes the itinerary as designed without interruption, delay or cancellation. Learn more about our COVID-19 Protocols.

Trip Cancelation & Delay Insurance

Participant health and safety is always a priority at Xperitas. We want to make sure all our participants are covered in case of unforeseen complications when planning or traveling. Through the International Volunteer Programs Association (IVPA) we have secured this trip cancelation insurance program for our participants. Learn more about Trip Cancelation & Delay Insurance.

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Alumni Traveler Resources

We support and stay connected with our alumni travelers! Reach out and let us know about your recent language immersion experience or how that experience has impacted you life in later years. We love photos, videos, journaling - anything that helps you express your perspective on your Xperitas student language and cultural immersion travel story.

Share Your Experience Today!

We always want to know how our alumni travelers are doing and what they are up to. Share cherished memories or how the program changed your perspective with others. It does not matter how long ago you traveled with us. Learn how to Share Your Story.

Alumni Scholarship

One $2,000 scholarship is awarded each year to a student who traveled as a junior or senior on an Xperitas Language Immersion Program. Students are nominated by their teacher. Learn more about Alumni Scholarships.

Stay Connected

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The first day, I immediately went up in a restaurant and ordered my food in full German. That confidence and encouragement from the restaurant staff set me up to feel confident in my skills and I was extremely proud of myself! Be open to new experiences. It’s a whole new culture and way of life, so if you seclude yourself from really cool opportunities, you won’t get as much out of everything!

Caroline, Germany Program
German Student

It was really amazing. I got to hang out with my friends and classmates while touring Berlin and then I got to experience German life with my host family. Spending time with my classmates from America in the German school also made it more fun, since I could still hangout with friends and make new ones in a different language. I saw beautiful sights and ate wonderful food and got to see a sliver of German life and a little bit of the world too.

Jaden, Germany Program
German Student

It was just an absolutely amazing, life-changing, experience.

Josephine, Ecuador Program
Spanish Student
Take Risks

My advice to future participants traveling on this program is to fully step outside of your comfort zone in order to get the most out of this opportunity. You will never regret speaking more of your target language, trying new dishes native to your country, making new friends, or partaking in amazing activities that you normally wouldn't!

Student, Costa Rica Program
Spanish Student