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French Language Immersion in Switzerland

For Teachers with Student Groups

Try Switzerland for French language immersion travel! Towering snowcapped peaks and sparkling lakes set the stage for enchanting medieval towns and modern global cities. Mouthwatering chocolate, creamy fondue and melty raclette tease taste buds. Despite the influence of its French, German and Italian neighbors, Switzerland has a fascinating culture of its own! Our short-term language immersion programs to Switzerland offer teachers and student groups the opportunity to explore this beautiful country. Did you know that yodeling was originally used as a means of communication between herders and Alpine villages? Students become temporary locals, immersing themselves in Swiss daily life while practicing their French through our signature Family Stay Experience™. There they will learn more about what traditions are uniquely Swiss when they stay with a French-speaking family!

Castle in Sun

Suggested Itinerary

Découvrons la Suisse & Paris
14-Day Program
  • Entrance to Tour Eiffel
  • Ticket to Bateaux Mouches Seine river cruise
  • Entrance to Musée du Louvre
Simplement Suisse
11-Day Program
  • 1 Full-day bus excursion
  • Cheese factory visit
  • Chocolate factory visit
  • Suggested activities that can be covered by entrance fee allowance:
  • Alimentarium
  • Château de Chillon
  • Boat ride on Lake Geneva
  • Olympic Museum

Don't see the perfect language immersion itinerary for your students? We can customize any program to your specifications!

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Included in Every Program

We include desirable items that prioritize financial protections, traveler safety and well-being in every program. All Xperitas language immersion travel programs for high school and middle school students include our Rest Assured Advantages.

What People Are Saying


My son had a fantastic time. He wanted to go back before he was even home. The Family Stay Experience was great for him. Hiking, youth group, family birthday party, relaxing at the family home, hanging out with his host brother's friends and checking out the city. He really enjoyed the complete package of this trip!

Brandy M, France Program
French Parent
Life Lessons

He would not have taken French for four years if this trip wasn't planned. And now he is taking a fifth year of French. My son has always been a saver. But having to save and earn money to pay for the majority of this trip was a life-long lesson. He is hoping to visit France and other countries in the future.

Brandy M, France Program
French Parent
New Experiences

For any students who are unsure about pursuing an immersion program, I can only recommend giving it a try. My trip to France with Xperitas brought a new dimension to a language and culture I hadn't experienced firsthand. Exploring new places and cultures abroad has given me some of my best memories and best friends, and has certainly played a role in shaping my goals for the future.

Cara M, France Program
French Student
Life Changing

The France trip provided me with the experience I needed to decide what path to take in my life.

Madisen B, France Program
French Student