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Celebrating Fifty Years of Immersion Travel

From 1972 to Now - A Reflection

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On May 31,1972, language teachers Jim Phelan and Bob and Edeltraud Green formed the nonprofit corporation that today, 50 years later, is known as Xperitas. This organization has faced many situations that have interrupted international travel over the past five decades, but none quite as far-reaching and long-lasting as the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had.

But just as the founders must have felt such a sense of purpose and excitement as they signed the articles of incorporation, so too our team has a renewed sense of purpose and excitement as we head into spring, for it brings with it signs that the world’s desire to travel is bursting at the seams, and that our ability to travel safely, confidently and without restrictions is getting stronger each day. 2023 promises to be a banner travel year! Best of all, our host families can’t wait to welcome Xperitas students into their homes after this long hiatus. Annick Léger, one of our French Family Stay Coordinators writes.

Our host families are so excited to help Xperitas students discover la France in 2023!

Teachers! If you have not yet contacted your program manager to plan a 2023 program, THERE IS STILL TIME. If you plan now, your students will be able to take advantage of our $200 Early Bird discount for enrollment prior to June 30. You can also start planning later in the summer, at the start of the new school year, and parents can rest easy knowing that their payments are FULLY REFUNDABLE until October 1 for Spring programs and October 15 for summer programs. Due to worldwide pent-up travel demand, planning in advance is crucial to getting the best flights and itinerary for you and your students. Contact your program manager today.


Let us assist in planning your next immersion experience and help make it accessible to all of your students! We have many destination options for Language Immersion programs worldwide. Necessary traveler protections for teachers and students are already integrated into our programs too!   Contact us today

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