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2019 Summer Language Programs Recap

Another successful season in the books!

That’s a wrap, folks! In 2019 French, German, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese language students traveled abroad with Xperitas to nine different countries to enjoy an intercultural immersion experience! We are happy to report that every participant has arrived home safely from our 2019 Immersion programs.

We thoroughly enjoyed another year of incredible partnerships with so many wonderful schools, educators and students. Without them, we would not be able to advance our mission of transforming lives though shared global experiences and intercultural learning. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone we connected and worked with in 2019!

Now we’d like to take this opportunity to share some of the feedback we received from our program participants!

Language Immersion Participant Feedback

On average, students rated their overall language immersion program experience a 9 out of 10. Beyond that:

  • 89% of participants reported an increase in their leadership skills.
  • 93% of participants reported an increase in their confidence levels.
  • 84% of participants reported an increase in their self-esteem.
  • 95% of participants reported an increase in their ability to empathize.
  • 95% of participants reported an increase in their global competency skills.
  • 95% of participants reported an increase in their target language skills.

Quotes from Our Summer 2019 Participants

My ability to make new friends improved dramatically since I didn't know a lot of the people on the trip. The whole group became very close and it was something very cool.

- Brian, Eden Prairie High, Spain

This program checked every box that I could imagine: 1. Getting the chance to travel overseas to a different continent (and may I mention also without my parents, which made me feel independent) 2. Having the ability to use another language which I had only used in the classroom for a majority of the time 3. Make a ton of amazing friends from my travel group and also from people who I met during my family stay 4. Try lots of amazing food and have amazing cultural experiences firsthand. I am so thankful that I went on this trip and I would do every minute all over again if I could!!! I will have amazing memories for a lifetime from this trip and I will be back at some point in my life, I hope to bring my family to Europe in the future so they can experience what I did.

- Jonathon, Eden Prairie High School, Spain

My favorite part was seeing the day to day life of an average Mexican family and understanding the culture of Mexico. I loved using all of my Spanish skills in an environment where I needed to rely on it. My understanding for Mexican culture improved significantly! While you can read about the culture and study it, you can’t fully understand it until you go to Mexico and live in it. My Spanish skills were at a very high level going into the trip and because of that they only improved slightly.

Ashley, Dallas High School, Mexico

It was really rewarding to see my understanding of the language grow throughout the trip. I remember one point specifically in my host family's kitchen I could understand a conversation almost entirely. It started to feel like my four years of German had paid off.

- Madison, Washington High School, Germany

There was really never a dull moment. We were always doing something, and they made sure that I experience as much German culture as I could. They made traditional food and we saw some castles and went shopping and so much more. They also made sure that we used all types of transportation so I could see how people in Germany get around. It was awesome! I loved it and had lots of fun and learned so much!

- Sara, Cherry Creek High School, Germany

The Xperitas Family Stay Experience receives high marks again!

One of the most unique program offerings that sets us apart from other immersive travel organizations is our Family Stay Experience, in which our participants are placed with a local host family. It can be one of the most challenging aspects of a program abroad, as students leave the comforts of their group and enter life with a family that they’ve never met. However, the Family Stay Experience is consistently noted as the time when participants felt the most immersed and their language skills improved the most! But don’t take our word for it …

I thought it was really fun to talk to my family at family lunch and dinner and they took me around the city to a bunch of historical sites and we went on family outings like to the movies. I also liked that my host sister hung out with other friends that also had host siblings that I knew from my trip.

- Alexandra, Eden Prairie High School, Spain

We participated in so many cool activities that were available nearby their neighborhood. I got to experience a new aspect of German culture from the family view! During the family stay, we had authentic German cuisine and got to live like a German citizen during our school day

- Caroline, Germany

The family stay was amazing because you were submerged in the language. They interacted with you to the best of your ability and helped you through their language.

- Isabelle, Lincoln High School, France

My family was amazing, they perfectly matched my personality and my hobbies and wanted to get to know me as much as I wanted to get to know them.

- Amanda, Lincoln High School, France

My host family knew how much I enjoyed hiking, so we spent one day hiking for four hours. And my host family taught me a lot about the culture and their family history.

- Violet, New Trier High School - Peru

My host family was absolutely amazing. I can't even really describe how lovely of a time I had with their son and his friends. We got to explore everywhere, and I was always looked out for. Throughout my entire time there I was never left alone or unattended, which was great seeing as I don't speak Cantonese. Everything was amazing and we’re all still in contact and I miss them a lot.

- Sophia, Mandarin Chinese, China

What did parents think of their child’s Xperitas program? 

According to parents, their children built global competency skills, grew their self-esteem and self-reliance, and were inspired to pursue further language and intercultural learning opportunities because of their Xperitas Language Immersion Program.

  • 96% of parents reported an increase in their child’s language skills.
  • 94% of parents reported an increase in their child’s self-esteem.
  • 96% of parents reported an increase in their child’s confidence.
  • 84% of parents said their child was well-prepared for their program.
  • 91% of parents were extremely satisfied with their child’s overall experience.
  • 98% of parents reported an increase in their child’s global competency skills.

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her trip and I feel like she better understands being a global citizen.

- Debra, parent

Her host family was AMAZING! She grew very close to them and will maintain a life-long relationship. She didn't want to leave them to go back to her class, although she was happy to come home.

- Clinton, parent

Our daughter loved Germany. She had an amazing time and we can tell her confidence in herself is better!

- Michelle, parent

Parents rated their overall experience interacting with Xperitas at 9 out of 10!

Than you again to all participants, parents and teachers we had the pleasure of working with in 2019! Planning for our 2020 programming is already well under way. We can’t wait to see what transformations and growth our immersion program participants will experience in 2020.


Let us assist in planning your next immersion experience and help make it accessible to all of your students! We have many destination options for Language Immersion programs.  Contact us today