Lyon FS Coordinator

Our Lyon Family Stay Coordinator

A Brief Interview

At Xperitas, we believe that the true essence of language and cultural immersion lies within the warmth of personal connections. In this special blog feature, Virginie, Xperitas' Senior Program Manager for our French programs, sits down with one of our exceptional family stay coordinators to unravel the magic behind the scenes. Gain valuable insights into the intricacies of our renowned Family Stay Experience® and discover how it elevates the entire language immersion journey. From creating lifelong connections to fostering a deep understanding of local customs, join us on a captivating exploration of why staying with a host family is an integral part of our transformative programs.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background

Hello! I’m Marianne from Lyon, France. I grew up both in France and the UK and I also have distant American cousins. I'm a self-employed English coach. I work in a Communication and Marketing school as well as in a clinic with Doctors and PAs.

How do you connect with your families?

I first ask my personal and professional networks if they are interested. I need to know one person in common with my families so I can guarantee I only have reliable and trustworthy families.

What do you enjoy about being a family stay coordinator?

I love the intercultural dimension of the job, meeting American teachers, and witnessing friendships bloom!

What are some of the main reasons that host families volunteer?

The main reason most families volunteer is to open their kids’ minds to other cultures and make a lasting impression on them.

Do you have families that have been involved for a long time?

Families who have multiple children of varied ages tend to be involved for multiple years at a time.

What do you typically hear from the host families after the family stay?

I typically hear that it was an amazing experience! Our host families hope they'll keep in touch, and find that the best experiences tend to be when their American exchange student is prepared for their cultural differences as well as their travels. 

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