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How to Write a Blog Post

Share Your Immersion Experience

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Xperitas programs change lives. They open minds, connect people and transform the way our participants see the world. And sharing stories and photos from our programs is one way we show prospective participants what to expect and why they should get involved! We want to hear from our participants what the Xperitas experience has meant for you. If you're not sure where to begin, follow the guide below. When you're ready to share your story and photos, send to

Step 1: Find your focus

What will you write about? Anything that is meaningful to you about the experience! The blog is organized into several themes that may help you decide what to write about: 

  • Culture: What surprised you about the culture in which you were immersed? What did you learn?
  • Family Stay: What did you share with your host family? How did the experience compare to your expectations?
  • Partner Communities: What did partnering with a local indigenous or marginalized communtiy mean for you? How did the experience affect you?
  • Reflection and Self Awareness: What have you learned about yourself as a result of the experience? What's changed about how you see yourself or the world?
Step 2: Figure out your format

How will you tell your story? Here are some ideas for the format of your post.

  • Senses: Use the 5 senses to reflect on your experience.
  • Numbered Lists: 3 things I learned / 5 things I wish I had known / 7 “firsts” in the first 7 days / The 4 things I’m most looking forward to as I prepare to travel.
  • Picture Postcard: photo and a brief caption that tells us why it’s meaningful to you.
  • Video: Send in a video from your trip with a 3-5 sentence description.
  • Reflect on a Quote: What does this mean to you in light of your travels?
  • Infographic: Use images, and a few words, to tell a story.
  • Open Form: Respond to reflection questions, such as…
    • What do I miss about the community I visited and the people I met?
    • What am I inspired to do now that I wouldn’t have had the courage to do before this trip?
    • What are some changes in the way I look at the world?
Step 3: Submit your post and pictures

Ready? Visit our submission page and share your story and photos! Have questions? Don’t be shy to contact us! We’re happy to help.