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How We Can Help You With Your Program's Individualized Needs

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If your school’s German program has a GAPP exchange partner school, or if you are looking to establish one and start sending students aboard, partnering with Xperitas may be a great way to help you reach your program’s educational goals. 

Can I work with Xperitas, even though I have my own privately arranged GAPP program? 

That’s a great question! Most of our non-GAPP immersion programs involve an Xperitas-organized Family Stay Experience, but we can help with aspects of a privately arranged family stay as well. When you partner with Xperitas, you won’t have to worry about travelers’ insurance, flight bookings, or payment processing and collection. We can manage all of those components for you, freeing you up to focus on other elements of your programming! I understand that you are a full-time working professional and it can be difficult at time to “alles unter einen Hut zu bekommen”! 

I am interested in a GAPP exchange, but don’t have a partner school. How can I get started? 

Having an exchange program with a German school is a great way to foster intercultural relationships, language and life skills! The GAPP website has a great section on this topic with the option to list your partner school partnership with GAPP.  

What can Xperitas help me with to support my GAPP program? 

When I talk to GAPP teachers, I mostly hear the need to help them with the logistics of the program, which can involve payments and cancelations, insurance (liability and medical), flights and the 24/7 emergency hotline while abroad. I think these aspects take off some stress, so that teachers can fully focus on their partnership.  

What are the other main benefits of partnering with Xperitas? 

First, we are an educational non-profit organization with a mission of transform lives through shared global experience and intercultural learning. As such, Xperitas is committed to making our programs accessible to as many students as possible, and by partnering with us, your students will be eligible to apply for our financial aid and scholarship programs. 

Secondly, we can help with your program’s logistics to any degree you need. Some teachers only need me to book group flights for them and help with payments and insurance. Other teachers would like to add a sightseeing portion to their family stay. Whatever it is you need help or advice with, I am always happy to help address your specific needs to create the most wonderful experience possible for your students.  

Can Xperitas help me with the GAPP grant application? 

The GAPP grant application must be submitted directly through GAPP. In order to apply for the grant, though, you will need a group airfare document, which I would be happy to provide. More information on the teacher grant application can be found on the GAPP website in their FAQ section.    


Let us assist in planning your next immersion experience and help make it accessible to all of your students! We have many destination options for Language Immersion programs worldwide. Necessary traveler protections for teachers and students are already integrated into our programs too!   Contact us today

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While doing all program planning yourself may appear cost-saving on the surface, there are compelling reasons to work with a language immersion travel specialist. See how they can help reduce program cost and offer additional benefits.