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See how to promote your Grounds for Change fundraiser using video to share a little bit of German coffee culture with friends and family.

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Caroline, Germany Program

The first day, I immediately went up in a restaurant and ordered my food in full German. That confidence and encouragement from the restaurant staff set me up to feel confident in my skills and I was extremely proud of myself! Be open to new experiences. It’s a whole new culture and way of life, so if you seclude yourself from really cool opportunities, you won’t get as much out of everything!

Jaden, Germany Program

It was really amazing. I got to hang out with my friends and classmates while touring Berlin and then I got to experience German life with my host family. Spending time with my classmates from America in the German school also made it more fun, since I could still hangout with friends and make new ones in a different language. I saw beautiful sights and ate wonderful food and got to see a sliver of German life and a little bit of the world too.

Student, Costa Rica Program

My advice to future participants traveling on this program is to fully step outside of your comfort zone in order to get the most out of this opportunity. You will never regret speaking more of your target language, trying new dishes native to your country, making new friends, or partaking in amazing activities that you normally wouldn't!

Cara M, France Program

For any students who are unsure about pursuing an immersion program, I can only recommend giving it a try. My trip to France with Xperitas brought a new dimension to a language and culture I hadn't experienced firsthand. Exploring new places and cultures abroad has given me some of my best memories and best friends, and has certainly played a role in shaping my goals for the future.

The Power of Immersion Travel

Recently, we profiled Xperitas Board member and retired French Teacher, Jane Ditewig. Jane was and is a much beloved teacher at R.A. Long High School in Longview Washington. This summer Jane heard from Brad Carnine, one of her students from more than 20 years ago. He said we could share his letter with you. We hope every teacher who reads this letter is reminded of what an important job you do and how you all are changing the lives of your students.

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