Karen J, Spain Program

Know that your child will grow in so many ways from this experience. The program has just the right amount of structure and freedom for the kids to explore in a safe and enjoyable manner. The family stay, while intimidating at first glance, is a unique and amazing opportunity for the kids to really experience the culture that they are being immersed in.

Julie B, Germany Program

I think it was a confidence booster and the experience was so awesome for her and I know we will be lifelong friends with her host family. She already misses Germany and wants to look into studying abroad there or somewhere else and I know doing this program helped her make that decision. She is really looking forward to her senior year taking another year of German and possibly learning another language in college.

Brandy M, France Program

My son had a fantastic time. He wanted to go back before he was even home. The Family Stay Experience was great for him. Hiking, youth group, family birthday party, relaxing at the family home, hanging out with his host brother's friends and checking out the city. He really enjoyed the complete package of this trip!

Michelle F, Germany Program

I would highly recommend it. Your kids will never know what the world has to offer if you never let them see it and experience it firsthand, and this is a safe and exciting way to do it--by immersing them directly into the culture--not just by being a tourist. How better can they have empathy and understanding of other parts of the world than by being a part of it.

Rao, Costa Rica Program

Don't hesitate. Sometimes the value of this life-changing experience is not immediately known but will come in handy later down the road during a job interview or some career enhancing move. You never know. Employers are actually looking for someone who has done something outside their comfort zone.

Brandy M, France Program

He would not have taken French for four years if this trip wasn't planned. And now he is taking a fifth year of French. My son has always been a saver. But having to save and earn money to pay for the majority of this trip was a life-long lesson. He is hoping to visit France and other countries in the future.

Parent, Ecuador Program

I felt very secure in sending my child abroad with Xperitas, both because of the teacher's experience with the company and because of the professionalism demonstrated prior to my child's trip. Worry just enough to prepare your child, then take a deep breath and let them go!

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