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Roma Caput Mundi 4/18/2026-4/27/2026

Roma Caput Mundi

Far from being a dead language, Latin is still very much alive and waiting for students’ discovery on this ten-day program. Students will discover temples, arenas, and even an active volcano as they make modern connections to the ancient world. As they explore Naples, Rome, and the surrounding areas, students will follow the Suburani Latin textbook series and immerse themselves in the stories and adventures of its beloved characters.
10 Day Latin Program in Italy

Program Overview

10 Days
Teacher Led
Family Stay: No Family Stay
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Program Itinerary

Day 1 En Route
The group's excitement will build as students and teachers leave home, embark on their transatlantic flight, and depart for Italy!
Included meals: None
Day 2 Naples
After landing in il Bel Paese, students will visit the archeological complex at Ostia Antica, a less-crowded but sprawling site that will allow students to orient themselves for the days of exploration ahead. The group then heads south to discover Naples, a melting pot of Classical and modern civilizations. They will conclude their first day with a cooking class to learn how to make authentic Neapolitan pizza.
Included meals: Dinner
Day 3 Naples
Students will spend the morning at the archeological site at Herculaneum, the first Vesuvian city to be uncovered and explored. Then, the group will climb Mount Vesuvius to learn about the geological processes that formed the volcano and the volcanic activity that covered the nearby Roman settlements in 79 CE while enjoying expansive views of the surrounding countryside and coastline. After seeing the region from above, students will also experience it from below as they visit the Naples Underground, a network of caverns, aqueducts, and tunnels built by the Greeks, improved by the Romans, and used throughout the history of the city.
Included meals: Breakfast
Day 4 Naples
Students will face Scylla and Charybdis as they take the ferry to Ischia, a volcanic island in the Gulf of Naples. There, they will visit the Pithecusae Archeological Museum to learn about some of the region's first Greek colonists and the efforts being made to preserve that history. Then, students can peel back the layers of history at the Aragonese Castle, which has served as a castle, prison, monestary, and more for the Greeks, Romans, and beyond.
Included meals: Breakfast
Day 5 Naples to Rome
The students' textbooks will come alive as they explore Pompeii, one of the best-known Roman sites. Students can wander the sprawling urban complex and contemplate the layers of ash and rubble that preserved the city. After their visit, students will transfer to Rome for the rest of their stay.
Included meals: Breakfast
Day 6 Rome
Students will continue their exploration of the ancient world while navigating the modern hustle and bustle of the Eternal City. They’ll discover well-known sites like the Forum and the Colosseum but also the Domus Aurea, Emperor Nero's vast palace complex now burried underneath the surrounding Oppian Hill.
Included meals: Breakfast
Day 7 Rome
Students will learn about ancient artisinal practices like perfume making, leather working, or ceramics before exploring modern Italian culinary treats on a guided street food tour of the city. At the end of the day, with the help of virtual and augmented reality, the group will find the Circus Maximus sporting complex restored to some of its former glory.
Included meals: Breakfast
Day 8 Rome
Students will make personal and cross-cultural connections during a visit to a liceo classico, one of Italy's college preparatory high schools where students are required to study ancient languages and literatures.
Included meals: Breakfast
Day 9 Rome
Students will visit Vatican City, the only sovereign country in the world where Latin is the official language, and nearby sites of Classical interest like Castel Sant'Angelo, originally built as Hadrian's mausoleum but then repurposed as a papal fortress. Groups can further explore with a stroll along the Tiber River and a peek inside the Ara Pacis Museum. They will conclude their time with a final feast of Italian delicacies.
Included meals: Breakfast, Dinner
Day 10 Departure
After a final breakfast at the hotel, students will say "arrivederci" to Italy and all the amazing sites they have explored during their time abroad. They can browse photos and videos and discuss their transformational experience on the return flight to the United States.
Included meals: Breakfast

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